1451 County Road 102,

Missouri Heights,

Carbondale, Colorado

Year Built: 2012-2013

Main Level Living:   760 sq ft

Upper Level Living: 270 sq ft

Total Living:            1030 sq ft

General Contractor: Jess Pedersen

Photos By: Brent Moss Photo & Pedersen's



This is what happens when the architect is the client.  The exterior massing is a collision of two opposing shed structures that form an X.  The west elevation is a continuation of the corrugated rusty metal roof- protecting the structure for the prevailing west winds- similar to how an oyster might orient its shell against the current.  The remaining Elevations are clad with untreated cedar rain wall screen.  All the exterior materials are allowed to patina  – thus making them maintenance free.  Inside the 1000 square foot, two bedroom residence, spaciousness is achieved through simplicity and openness.  The double height living / kitchen is open to an upstairs master bedroom loft.   The space is simply appointed with everything one might need- no excess.  Windows are strategically placed to capture views yet maintain privacy.


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