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0530 Mountain View Road,

Missouri Heights,

Carbondale, Colorado

Year Built: 2005

Main Level Living:   1950 sq ft

Lower Level Living:   955 sq ft

Total Living :             2870 sq ft

2 Car Garage:             580 sq ft

General Contractor:   Dave Cardiff Construction

Photos By: Brent Moss Photography

The inspiration for this house was the dramatic views. The layout is an open living space and master bedroom on the main level- both taking advantage of the strong south views by using lots of glass as well

as locating the utility spaces on the north side of the structure. These principles align with passive solar

heating principles- using the glass and space to collect heat during the winter, and use overhangs for

passive cooling in the summer.


“Jess designed our house, and we just love it.

He listened to little things I mentioned during the

design phase and they appeared in the the final

design -much to our surprise”


-Uwe Bobrow

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