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Paper Studio,

1451 County Road 102,

Missouri Heights,

Carbondale, Colorado

Year Built: 2010

210 sq ft

Built By:  Jess Pedersen

Photos by: Brent Moss Photography & Pedersen



This art studio I designed for my wife, who is a paper artist.  The roof form is a hyperbolic paraboloid commonly known as a saddle roof.  The south - east roof corner is positioned to allow early morning sun warm the exposed concrete floor.   The west building face is shaded in the summer by a large Box Elder tree- keeping it from overheating in the afternoon.  Inside is a simple open space allowing my wife to produce her art. It is also used as a greenhouse for starting plants in the spring.  I have included an animation of a tiny house design that would work in this shell.  The walls are a combination of poly carbonate and corrugated galvanized metal.

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